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Kumpulan Soal TOEFL ‘Reading Comprehension’ Beserta Jawaban Dan Penjelasan

21 Januari 2022 Materi Bahasa Inggris


Kumpulan Soal TOEFL ‘Reading Comprehension’ Beserta Jawaban Dan Penjelasan


Toefl atau Test of English as A Foreign Language merupakan sebuah test yang berfungsi untuk mengukur kemampuan bahasa inggris yang kita miliki. Toefl sendiri terdiri dari beberapa macam test dan salah satunya adalah Reading comprehension. Dalam teks reading, tema bacaan pun akan bervariasi seperti masalah akademik, sosial, politik ataupun budaya. Bagi kebanyakan orang yang menjalankan test TOEFL, soal reading menjadi soal yang cukup ditakuti karena terkesan cukup rumit dan banyak pertanyaan-pertanyaan yang menjebak hingga kehabisan waktu untuk mengerjakanya.

Kumpulan Soal TOEFL 'Reading Comprehension' Beserta Jawaban Dan Penjelasan
Kumpulan Soal TOEFL ‘Reading Comprehension’ Beserta Jawaban Dan Penjelasan



Soal dan Pembahasan Lengkap Reading Comprehension Pada Test TOEFL


Berikut ini ada beberapa macam soal sekaligus dengan pembahasan nya yang dapat sahabat Toefl.sch.id jadikan referensi belajar sebelum melaksanakan test TOEFL. Salah satu tips agar berhasil melakukan test TOEFL dengan nilai yang maksimal adalah sering berlatih mengerjakan soal-soal nya, terutama dalam hal Reading yang biasanya berkaitan dengan tema bacaan yang hanya itu-itu saja. Langsung saja, berikut ini soal dan penjelasan lengkapnya.

In this section you will read several passages. Each one is followed by several questions about it, For this section, you are choose the one best answer (A) (B) (C) (D) to each question.

Passage 1

Robert moog was an american inventor who developed the moog synthesizer. it was one of the first synthesizer to gain widespread use as a musical instrument. Moog’s synthesizers were an important part of musical innovation in rock and jazz music in the 1960s and 1970s. Robert Arthur Moog was born in queens, a borough of New York City 75 years ago. He became fascinated with electronics as a teenager, particularly an early electronic music instrument called the theremin. mood studied physic and electrical engineering at queens college and columbia university  both in new york city and later received a Ph.D. in engineering physic cornel University in Ithaca, New York. in 1954, while still an undergraduate student, Moog Formed his own company to sell theremins and theremins kits.

Soon after, moog began working on a keyboard instrument that could replicate the sound of any musical instrument electronically. working with american composer herbert deutch. moog introduced the prototype moog synthesizer at a convention in 1964. the device represented a signivicant advance over previous electronic syntesizerbecause of its use of new semiconductor technology, which made it smaller and considerably  cheaper than earlier machines. the moog, as it was known, was soon in demand by musician all over the world.

In 1964, moog began a collaboration with american composer and organist walter carlos who realesed the best selling electronic music album switched-on bach in 1968. Rock groups such as the beatles and yes and jazz musician such as harbie hancock and chick corea began incorporating moog synthesizer in to their recordings, a trend that increased when the company introduced the compact and portable minimoog in 1970. A moog synthesizer was also prominently featured on the sountrack to the movie A clockwork Orange in 1971.

1.The word ‘prominently’ in paragraph 3 can easily be replaced by

A) Significantly

B) Perfectly

C) Accurately

D) Excellently

2.The passage describes theremin as a/an

A) Prototype of Moog Synthesizer

B) Initial Electronic Music Instrument

C) Musical Instrument to replicate the sound

D) Instrument of electronic tool

3The Pronoun “it” in paragraph 2 refers to

A) Electronic synthesizer

B) A keyboard instrument

C) Prototype of Moog Synthesizer

D) New semiconductor technology

4.According to the passage, all of the following are true about the Moog, EXCEPT

A) It was invented by robert moog

B) it was first introduced in 1964

C) in initiated new technology which was smaller and cheaper then previous machines

D) it was the first synthesizer in the world

5.The paragraph following the passage most likely disusses

A) Collaboration between the moog and other musicians

B) The description of compact and portable mini moog

C) The improvement of Moog Synthesizer

D) Trend in the music industry about synthesizer

6) The main Idea of paragraph three is

A) The moog’s collaboration in music field

B) The moog in the movie soundtract

C) The introduction of Minimoog

D) The collaboration of the moog with music groups.

Passage 2

Throughout history, people have been victim of pickpockets. Today, pick pocketing is the one of the most rapidly increasing crimes. Pickpockets are increasing in number and developing better methods to practice their skill. Aproximately ome million amricans lose money to pickpockets every year and none is really safe from a skilled pickpockets. His victims, or ‘marks’ as they are called, can be rich or poor, young or old.

During the eihteenth century, pickpockets were hanged in england, large crowds of people would gather watch the hanging , which was supposed to be a warning to other pickpockets. however, in time the practice was discontinued. The reason ; while people were attentively watching the hanging of a pickpockets, other pickpockets skillfully stole the money of spectators.

Police official say that the most efficient pickpockets come from south america. many of these expert pickpockets are trained in special school called ‘jingle bell schools’. A pickpocket’s graduate from J.B.S when he is able to steal a wallet from a dresses dummy that has bells inside its pockets.

Even the most well dressed, respectable person may be a pickpocket. some of the favorite places of pickpockets are banks, airports, racetract, supermarkets, elevators and train and bus station. oftentimes, a pickpocket will work with another pickpockets as his partner. Another kind of pickpockets works outside or inside bars and specialize in stealing from women is called a ‘purse snatcher’.

T avoid being the victim of a pickpocket, it’s important to be very cautious and alert when in the midst of large gathering of the people.

7.The best title for the passage would be:

A) Pickpockets are well dressed

B) Jingle Bell Schools

C) Pickpockets

D) The hanging of pickpockets

8.The hanging of pickpockets was not continued because:

A) They were large crowd of people

B) It was against humanity

C) The police were not at the hanging

D) It was not effective to stop pick pocketing

9.Pick Pocketing is……………Crime

A) An old

B) A modern

C) A temporary

D) A contemporary

10) The passage mentions that pickpockets steal in/from the following, except.

A) Crowded places

B) The shops

C) Drunkards

D) Women

Kunci Jawaban Dan Penjelasan



Pembahasan : Prominently berarti ‘secara menonjol’. sementara itu masing-masing pilihan jawaban berarti dengan jelas (significantly), dengan sempurna (perfectly). dengan akurat (accurately) dan dengan baik (excellently). Jadi jawaban yang sesuai adalah significantly.



Pembahasan : Lihat baris ke-5 : particularly on early electronic music instrument called theremin.



Pembahasan : Berdasarkan paragraf 2, kata it merujuk pada the moog, yaitu sebutan untuk the prototype moog synthesizer.



Pembahasan : Karena dalam bacaan baris 14 dituliskan bahwa sebelumnya sudah diciptakan mesin synthesizer “which made it smaller and considerably cheaper than earlier machine”



Pembahasan : Paragraf terakhir bacaan membahas kerjasama moog dengan banyak musisi terkenal. Jadi jika bacaan ini akan diteruskandengan paragraf baru kemungkinan besar paragraf baru itu akan membahas perkembangan moog selanjutnya (the improvement of moog synthesizer)



Pembahasan : Dalam bacaan dituliskan bahwa moog mulai berkolaborasi dengan berbagai musisi dalam berbagai genre music.



Pembahasan : Keseluruhan bacaan di atas membahas pickpocket



Pembahasan : Pada paragraf 2 dijelaskan bahwa ketika para pencopet dihukum gantung justru pencopet lain beraksi diantara kerumunan penonton.



Pembahasan : Pada bacaan dijelaskan bahwa hal ini telah berlangsung sejak lama, bahkan tercatat sejak abad ke-18



Pembahasan : Pada bacaan tidak disebutkan drunkard.


Jika masih belum jelas mengenai soal TOEFL tersebut, baca ulang pembahasan nya ya sahabat Toefl.sch.id, semoga dapat di pahami dengan baik 🙂

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