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Pembaruan Latihan Mendengarkan TOEFL ITP 2022

Buku Ebook Bahan untuk menghadapi Tes Toefl

Pembaruan Latihan Mendengarkan TOEFL ITP pada tahun 2022

Tes Latihan Mendengarkan ini diadaptasi dengan Tes Mendengarkan TOEFL ITP yang sebenarnya. Ini akan berguna untuk Anda. Silakan gunakan Tes Latihan ini untuk membantu Anda meningkatkan skor mendengarkan pada hari ujian. Anda juga dapat menggunakan latihan mendengarkan ini untuk mengajar siswa Anda.

Tes Listening pada TOEFL ITP memiliki 50 soal yang dibagi menjadi beberapa bagian : Part A , Part B, dan Part C. Part A memiliki 30 soal yang akan menguji pemahaman Anda untuk menjawab pertanyaan setelah rekaman selesai. Bagian A adalah percakapan singkat antara dua orang. setelah itu diikuti dengan pertanyaan dan Anda memiliki 12 detik untuk menjawab.

Pembaruan Latihan Mendengarkan TOEFL ITP 2022

Mendengarkan Bagian B memiliki 8 pertanyaan dan pertanyaan dimulai dari 31 hingga 38. Anda akan mendengar percakapan yang lebih panjang antara dua orang dan setelah itu akan diikuti oleh beberapa pertanyaan yang menanyakan tentang topik, pernyataan inferensi dan banyak lagi.

Mendengarkan Bagian C adalah ceramah dan pertanyaan dimulai dari 39 hingga 50. Setelah ceramah, akan ada pertanyaan menyusul. kuliah akan didengar satu kali.

1 ,

A. She didn't expect to fail.
B. She went sailing.
C. She had her hearing examined.
D. She passed her driving test.

2 ,
A. We have 40 minutes to spare.
B. We have to be there in 14 minutes.
C. We had a hard time parking the car.
D. The parking lot is around the corner.

3 ,
A. I'm wearing his shoes.
B. He needs a new broker.
C. I broke my shoe strap.
D. The manager made investments.

4 ,
A. She can go right in.
B. She can arrive by herself.
C. He can't let her in my house.
D. He doesn't have a key for her.

5 ,
A. Seventy flavors are sold regularly.
B. Vanilla is the favorite flavor.
C. Ice cream was created in the past decade.
D. Vanilla accounts are 70 percent accurate.

6 ,
A. She should buy a new desk light.
B. She had to think of a new headline.
C. She is having trouble with her car.
D. She should talk to the new hires.

7 ,
A. Mark missed Joanna.
B. Joe and Ann love canoeing.
C. Joanna left after 10 o'clock.
D. Mark called his brother.

8 ,
A. Their revenue has increased.
B. Their salaries were reduced.
C. The income has been cut off.
D. The bay has been divided.

9 ,
A. Mrs. Bailey was cheated out of $38.
B. Mrs. Bailey charged the flowers on her credit card.
C. Mrs. Bailey charges a lot for her flower delivery.
D. Mrs. Bailey paid $50 for the flowers.

10 ,
A. The new hospital works better than the old one.
B. The hospital was built six years ago but still looks good.
C. They built a hospital here six years ago.
D. This proposal has a better chance than the previous one.

11 ,
A. The bell sounds like it's coming from the library.
B. The library has a sound strategy for patrons.
C. The library users should leave when the bell ring.
D. Parents shouldn't leave children in the library.

12 ,
A. We can go to the music hall separately.
B. We don't have to stand during the contert.
C. Let's have a meat dish after the concert.
D. We can have the meeting in the hall.

13 ,
A. She prepared the slides carefully.
B. She was sure she did well at the presentation.
C. She presented the slides to the sales personnel.
D. She checked the slides out of the sales office.

14 ,
A. Four people are coming.
B. Will you come for the break?
C. Would you like to visit us?
D. Eight friends are invited.

15 ,
A. Margaret already has a college degree.
B. Margaret is considering taking classes.
C. Margaret's children are away at college.
D. Margaret's children are outside.

16 ,
A. It's diffiicult to say what Ralph is thinking.
B. The boys are doing well, and Ralph is not worried.
C. Ralph only seems worried, but he is really not.
D. Ralph is always thinking about the boys.

17 ,
A. A receptionist in a car repair shop.
B. An operator at a telephone company.
c. A veterinarian at an animal clinic.
D. A secretary in an insurance company.

18 ,
A. The grocery store has an  odd schedule.
B. Arthur stores things at his place.
C. It's possible to go shopping at that hour.
D. Only strange people go to the store so late.

19 ,
A. He run out of the station.
B. He didn't have enought pas.
C. He has been thinking a lot.
D. He pulled over to buy gas.

20 ,
A. Tow-syllable words are common.
B. Stress can affect pronunciation.
C. Tow-part words are very rare.
D. Most words have only one stress.

21 ,
A. In a kitchen
B. In a living room
C. In a bathroom
D. In a hallway

22 ,
A. At her father's
B. At her sister's
C. At her own home
D. At her childern's

23 ,
A. At a post office
B. At a bank
C. At a pharmacy
D. At a deli

24 ,
A. She thinks her car will be ready before 5:00.
B. She is surprised that her car is not finished.
C. She doesn't believe her car will be ready at 3:30.
D. She wants the man to give her a ride to the shop.

25 ,
A. He is tired.
B. He ate too much.
C. He is out of breath.
D. He made soup.

26 , 
A. She couldn't be bothered
B. She invited the Nixons.
C. She didn't mind.
D. She has a brother.

27 ,
A. Nick plays tennis all the time.
B. The woman went out with Nick.
C. The town has many nightclubs.
D. The woman finds Nick boring.

28 ,
A. Four hundred students will take it.
B. Two hundred students are in it.
C. It's restricted to the waiting list.
D. Its instructor has strict rules.

29 ,
A. At a laundromat
B. At a printmaker's
C. In an appliance store
D. In a tailor's shop

30 ,
A. A doctor
B. A flight attendant
C. A hospital nurse
D. A pilot

31 ,
A. The life of sociable creatures
B. Special features of dolphins
C. The differences between fish and dolphins
D. Communication between groups of dolphins

32 ,
A. In a museum
B. On a seashore
C. In a laboratory
D. At a zoo

33 ,
A. For about 2 months
B. For almost 12 months
C. Approximately 2 years
D. Approximately 20 years

34 ,
A. By visual contact
B. By sounds
C. Through warning one another
D. With the help of scientists

35 ,
A. The contents and structure of dictionaries
B. The benefits and pitfalls of dictionary use
C. The acquisition of words in dictionaries
D. The various applications of dictionary entries

36 ,
A. Formal and technical
B. General and specialized
C. Small and unabridged
D. American and English

37 ,
A. Took a writing class
B. Used a technical dictionary
C. Studied many new words
D. Taught a reading class

38 ,
A. Learners need to abandon dictionaries when vocabulary increases.
B. Teachers think that students shouldn't always depend on dictionaries.
C. One can't use a dictionary effectively without knowing word usage.
D. Although dictionaries contain many entries, some word definitions can be irrelevant.

39 ,
A. It's the northern.
B. It's the southern.
C. It's the deepest.
D. It's the smallest.

40 ,
A. It's heavily traveled all year round.
B. It's not navigable for large boats.
C. It has less traffic than the other Great Lakes.
D. Its shores are inaccessible for landing.

41 ,
A. 53 miles
B. 193 miles
C. 480 miles
D. 7,500 miles

42 ,
A. Its water is used for irrigation of trees.
B. It moderates the weather patterns in the region.
C. It cools the air in the surrounding areas.
D. It has a considerable capacity to store water.

43 ,
A. England
B. Scotland
C. Richmond
D. Boston

44 ,
A. They were well-to-do.
B. They didn't love young Poe.
C. They were English.
D. They abandoned him.

45 ,
A. 9
B. 11
C. 15
D. 18

46 ,
A. He was a competent student.
B. He preferred studying in the academy.
C. He did not do well in his academics.
D. He decided to travel to Scotland instead.

47 ,
A. John Allan could not afford Poe's education.
B. Poe became involved in gambling.
C. John Allan had to leave for England.
D. Poe decided to become a writer.

48 ,
A. It is nonpersonal.
B. It consists of presentations.
C. It cannot be bought.
D. It includes hamburgers and soft drinks.

49 ,
A. Product sponsors
B. Many People
C. TV viewers
D. Buyers of media time

50 ,
A. Advertising is paid for.
B. Advertising can be subject to skepticism.
C. Publicity reaches a greater audience.
D. Publicity usually benefits political leaders.

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