Tes TOEFL Online

Melamar Kerja di BUMN

Mendaftar CPNS

Kelulusan S1, S2, & S3

Persyaratan Skripsi/Thesis

Tes TOEFL Online

Melamar Kerja di BUMN

Mendaftar CPNS

Kelulusan S1, S2, & S3

Persyaratan Skripsi/Thesis



 1.Sodium is ordinary found in adequate if not overabundant amounts in our regulary.

                              A(Ordinarily)                   B   C                D

2.Carbohydrates become a more significant source of fuel as exercise become more intense.

                                      A            B                                                   C                        D(becomes)

3.We should strive to eliminate foods who do not contain appropriate nutritive balances.

                     A                     B                         C (that/which)                 D

4.All diets,even those designed reduce body weight,should be nutritionally sound.

             A                 B                           C (to reduce)                                    D

5.People cannot selective reduce fat stores.

                      A            B            C                  D


6.Consumption of sugar in any amount during the hour before exercise was not 

                                                    A                       B        C                                          D(is)


7.The use of virtual teams in the workplace provides many advantages and disadvantages-both

                                                                                       A                           B                              C

 for organizations or for employees.


8.Different communication tecnologies has diffefent characteristics and capabilities and allow 

           A                                                             B(have)

for different levels of communication richness.

  C                                                                        D

9.Familiarity and confident in a system is one of the factors that influence the success of a 

            A                           B(confidence)     C                                                 D

virtual team meeting.

10.Along with agro-industry come railroads,roads,ship and related infrastructure.

        A                                              B                                    C (ships)  D

11.As the rivers flow through the basin,they cut deeply into stream banks and radical change 

     A                                                                 B                                                                        C(radically)

the landscape near the rivers’ edges.


12.Because of the soil is of such poor nutient quality,it is more efficient for the plants to spend

              A(because)          B                   

 more energy synthesizing chemicals to discourage herbivory than to manufacture new leaves

                                   C                                                                                                     D

 from the nutrient poor soil.

13.Mobile phones that offer these and more general computing capabilities are reffering to as

                                    A                                   B                                                                           C             D

 smartphones.                                                                                                                   (are reffered to)

14.In 1983,the DynaTAC 8000x is the first to be commercially available.

                      A                                   B(was)         C              D

15.There are four article in this issue and between them they cover two topics.

                                      A(articls)                                        B        C      D

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